Mandala paintings are becoming popular these days, both by purchasing the artwork and by personally drawing mandalas. Either you purchase mandala paintings or draw it on your own, if properly done, they are like a key that unlocks the spiritual dimensions in you.



Mandala is a sacred space featuring many parts of life we often never see- a wonderful aid for meditation and relaxation. It is also very therapeutic and has several applications in the healing field. As a person, there is in fact something really wonderful about being able to go back and see the changes over time as you grow. This act itself is regarded as healing.



The concept behind mandalas is that you are invoking the part of your brain that usually is in the background - the right side.


This side relates to the imagination, creativity, as well as the arts, while the left side of the brain deals with the logic and linear thinking. This right side of the brain is engaged when dealing mandalas. This is vital if you would like to connect the part of you that is usually silent. By opening to the right side of your brain, you let the left side take a small vacation while you explore the deeper, richer, storehouse of personal and spiritual information that could be ignored otherwise.

Mandala paintings come in all forms of colors and sizes. Although many mandalas are formed as circles, there is no right or wrong way to experience it. You may begin just by looking and observing whatever form it takes. As you gaze at the center and take in the rest with your peripheral vision, feel the energy flow between the mandala and your heart center.



The artistic value of the mandala is not as important as the meditative insights one gains from it. Having mandala paintings with you in your room, office etc in any format:

  • Can help to soften your sense of struggle and frustration;
  • Can help you relax into the discomfort of not knowing what was coming next, and accept it as part of the art of living your life; and
  • Is a way to unlock the powers of your mind, while you break free from your self-defeating beliefs and conditions.

Soul Structures has many great mandala digital paintings for anybody to use. They come in beautiful designs and different formats like canvas prints, t-shirts, stickers, scarves, towels, mobile and laptop cases among others. Try mandalas today, and let it introduce you to the hidden potential and beauty within you!