soul structures website launched

Website is launched :)

I’m really happy to announce: the new website is launched! 🙂 I’ll do my best to keep you informed about my […]

Starchild psychedelic painting


This spiritual digital painting will draw you in and embrace you with its bold, yet soothing statement. The blue hexagon […]

summer spiral psychedelic painting

Summer Spiral

This mandala helps you bring joy & happiness into your life! The Summer Spiral art offers both beauty and warmth. […]

Solar Plexus psychedelic art

Solar Plexus

The Solar Plexus mandala is a digital painting that offers complex symmetrical beauty. Its circular design contains fiery ovals with […]

Mandala of Abundance spiritual painting

Mandala of Abundance

The Mandala of Abundance digital painting offers complexity in bright spring colors of green, purple and magenta. It features layered […]

Inner Guidance spiritual art

Inner Guidance

The Inner Guidance Mandala is designed to offer peace and serenity for the viewer. It features a complex geometric design […]

Enhanced Vision psychedelic painting

Enhanced Vision

The Enhanced Vision Mandala offers bold and contrasting symmetry that will please the eye. It features a circular pattern with […]

Crystallize - mandala - psychedelic art


The Crystallize Mandala offers a complex geometric design that sparkles. It features an overlapping hexagon, set within a purple, patterned […]

Chakra Circle spiritual art

Chakra Circle

This mandala helps healing & balancing your whole chakra system. This Chakra Circle digital painting makes a bold statement. The […]

Central Sun - mandala - psychedelic painting

Central Sun

Enjoy vibrant movement with this Central Sun Mandala art. The piece features an orange sun with small rays that move […]

Buddhist meditation spiritual painting

Buddhist Meditation

Viewers will love the complexity that this Buddhist Meditation Mandala has to offer. It features a detailed gold and deep […]

12 Layers of DNA spiritual art

12 Layers of DNA

This unique piece will draw the attention of viewers with its bold geometric symbolism. The design features two triangles, one […]

11-11 spiritual art


The 11:11 Mandala digital painting offers stunning geometric elements that make it a unique piece. It features green and yellow […]

Love Within - mandala - spiritual painting

Love Within v2

This mandala can help you gaining energy with its vibrant colors. The Love Within is a unique digital painting with […]

Anahata - heart chakra - mandala - spiritual art

Anahata – the heart chakra

  This mandala can help you achieve stability, calmness and reduce stress. Especially good for places where you can have […]